“We  have worked with Home Helpers and have found them to be available to assist with our residents' specific needs as they arise. The “Rapid Response” program has been an added plus to our families allowing residents to remain in our community near their loved ones, while receiving individualized adaptations to their care plan. Response is timely and communication and compassion are top notch. We will continue to utilize Home Helpers and their Rapid Response program."
Joy Dolan, BSW, Director of Admissions and LSP, Rockhill Mennonite Community

"Home Helpers has been an integral part of my family’s life for the past two years, caring for both my 90+ parent’s.  My father passed recently but they continue to care for my mother.

Home Helpers is committed to providing the best care possible.  They have been willing to work with my family as my parents needs continually change. They have been very responsive and supportive to us as a family.

We have felt confident leaving an aide with my parent’s knowing that they will receive the proper care.  Aides have spent several hours a day with my parents to overnight stays when needed.

I have always been informed of issues/concerns that have arisen with my parents. I feel confident and grateful for their knowledge of aging issues and their guidance, if wanted, when dealing with these issues.

In summary, we have been very fortunate to have Home Helpers in our life.  I would recommend them to everyone!"
Sincerely, Cerie G.

“Our family appreciated all you did for my Mom.  It was such a comfort to know she was safe and being well cared for while we were at work. It took so much stress off the family and really helped keep us functioning until the next crisis. We just couldn’t take anymore vacation days. Please thank Donna, Theresa, Peggy and others who I forgot for all they did for our family during this difficult time. My brother also enjoyed the company and having a break from so many questions from my Mom. Tim always said “They're Great”!!!!  We could never have made it without your help. Please thank all your caregivers from our family.  It was nice working with you and your professional staff. “
Louise N.

“Phyllis has been taking care of my father for the past couple months and I wanted to pass along how well she's been doing. Each time I talk with my Dad, he tells me how much he appreciates having the same person come now and how well she's taking care of his place. By having a reliable person come and take care of my Dad, it takes the stress off our family and we all really appreciate it.”
Kathy S.

“Please extend our warmest regards to Dawn, Ellen, and Barb – they made my father’s last weeks bearable and were so incredible to my parents and to my family. They are truly kind and wonderful ladies – you are so lucky to have them. I believe the type of people that you employ is a direct reflection of the owners. It is clear to me how well you must treat the people that work for you – they give it back to your clients ten fold. We found you through NP Hospice for a reason.  I don’t think that you really fully realize how important the services that you provide to families that are in situations like ours. You did everything right… Just know that you do it for families like ours – who are in tragic and sad situations, that are losing someone that they love, that need some help. The services that you provide are so important and the way that you provide them are just as important – you deliver what you say that you will deliver, in a way that most other agencies can’t come close to.”
Kristine H., Lansdale, PA

"You have a wonderful style for interacting with people in need -- with warmth, concern and willingness to educate us and answer every question with enormous patience.  You made it sound like you were sharing important information -- not like you haven't told it to people a million times before.  It was a significant part of the reasons that made us decide to go with Home Helpers.   My husband and I have been in "social service" careers for a lot of years and we're pretty sensitive to how people in organizations interact with clients.  I wanted to let you know this because I feel it's important to acknowledge people when they do good things and make a contribution to someone's life experience. Thanks for all of your help and concern.  Keep up the good work!"
Louise B., Bethlehem, PA

“I felt very fortunate to have your all-inclusive help when leaving the rehab hospital, to enable me to go home alone. It is what every doctor should order! Patti was a jewel!  Nothing was too much for her to do and she did not have to be asked.  She intuitively knew what was on my mind. Her spirits were a breath of fresh air…I will miss her.”
Pat M.,  Flourtown, PA

"I would like to thank everyone at Home Helpres who have made my work experience a pleasure during my employment as a Caregiver. When I actually witnessed the quality of training, client care and treatment of the staff, I realized what a great company I was working for! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a part of what you do for your clients."
Marc Schneider, RN, Lansdale, PA

"I wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak to me last month about my mother. I really appreciate your insight into dementia and into the possibility of expanding her care to include a live-in.

As I am sure you know, we were fortunate enough to be able to have Tia as a live-in. I have not met her yet but everything seems to be going very well. I am totally thrilled!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how amazing Melissa and Rachel have been through this entire process. I have been overwhelmed by their generosity of time, character and knowledge. They have been such a pleasure to deal with and have taken such good care of my mom and me. You are lucky to have them as employees and I am very lucky to have found such a wonderful Home Care organization.Thank you so very much again for everything."
Lisa G., Berwyn, PA



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